Healing Mandala Collection


No matter how committed we are to personal development, we all can use support as we strive toward healthier, happier lives.

This “Healing Mandala” Collection evolved from experimentation with my original nature photography & my love (& frequent use) of affirmations–positive statements that inspire & motivate…

Some years ago, I began digitally transforming some of my favorite nature photos into hundreds of mandalas. Why so many, you may wonder? Besides their beauty & mystery, these mandalas became unexpectedly meditative &, frankly, a bit addictive; as I continued to gaze at them, I discovered they left me feeling calmer & more grounded.

Then it hit me: If these were some of the very outcomes I wanted for my clients & students, why not combine positive statements (& wellness principles) with the mandala images as a way of providing additional support?

And so, the “Healing Mandala” Collection was born.

Tap here to see more “nature to mandala” examples

“Healing Mandala” Collection comprises a unique & evolving product line designed to enrich, empower & promote “wholistic” (whole person) health.  These items–current & future–promise to:

  • encourage personal development & spiritual practice
  • inspire healthy habits
  • invite life-expanding exchanges
  • provide restorative beauty & serenity at home & office

Each product in this collection features original “mandalas” as a focal point.  Why?  Mandalas are both beautiful & therapeutic.  Meaning “circle” or “center” in ancient Sanskrit & suggesting containment & completion, mandalas replicate an enduring image that’s abundant around & within us– in the celestial bodies, in snowflakes, flowers & other plant life, & even in atoms, cells & DNA.  Not surprisingly, mandalas feel familiar to us.  When used as points of reflection & mindfulness, they encourage us to slow down & experience a sense of serenity & completion.

It’s my deepest hope that the mandalas & messages in my “Healing Mandala” Collection bless your life with both beauty & serenity; that they help you slow down & savor, not only your world in general, but your beauty-full self in particular; that they support your unique & precious journeys to healing.

Currently in stock:  

“Mandala Wellness Deck” (Mindfulness Cards)
“Affirmation Pocket Mirrors” (8 different styles)

All purchases are secured through PayPal, including those made via credit/debit cards, & can be made below.  All products in this growing collection are intentionally produced in the USA.  

Mandala Wellness Decks

These innovative, 52-card decks truly encourage greater well-being & balance for every day or week of your year.  The gorgeous mandala images & provocative suggestions & questions on each card deliver many “therapeutic” outcomes!

  • Increase your self-discovery, self-care & self-compassion
  • Cultivate more mindfulness, moment-savoring & gratitude throughout your day
  • Energize & deepen meditation practice
  • Share positive, life-expanding thoughts & lessons with friends, loved ones & colleagues

These four collectible decks (Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Stress Buster & Healing Loss Cards) make unique, therapeutic gifts for yourself & others for any occasion.  Enjoy at your own pace.  Suggestions for either daily or weekly use are inside each box.

Mindfulness Cards ~ 

Improve your awareness of & ability to savor the present moment; enhance your self-care & well-being while decreasing your stress; empower yourself daily.  These are only some of the benefits you’ll experience from this Mandala Wellness Deck.  

The cards are good for self-care.  They’re helping me to live intentionally, in the present.”  ~ Steve, retired scientist“ 

These cards are encouraging me to focus on one thought or issue at a time rather than obsessively multi-tasking.”  ~ Sharon, retired social worker

Mindfulness Cards (fronts)
Mindfulness Cards (backs)

Each four color, 52-card deck in plastic box measures 3.5” h x 2.5”w
Price: $20 per deck

All purchases on this site are secured through PayPal.

Affirmation Pocket Mirrors

These lovely mandala-adorned mirrors store easily in your purse, fanny pack or pocket… & comfortably fit in your palm when you want a quick face check & self-affirming message.  Collect all eight styles to suit whichever truth you desire to embody each day!  A unique remembrance, easily inserted in a card or stocking.   

I just love this reminder that “I make a difference in this world.”  I look better in the mirror after reading that!”   ~ Jenna, caregiver

There are so many positive messages I need in my ear throughout the day—I plan on collecting all of these adorable mirrors!”   ~ Megan, student

Eight different mandalas & affirmations, each 2-1/8” round.
Price: $6.50 each

All purchases on this site are secured through PayPal.

I AM BEAUTY-FULL & I AM ENOUGH (pink border)


I AM WORTHY JUST AS I AM (beige border)




I AM MY OWN BEST FRIEND (lavender border)


Currently in production or development:

Mandalas-on-Canvas (25 designs) — coming Fall 2020

Mandala Digital Download(s) (25 designs) — coming Fall 2020

G.R.A.S.P. A Happier, Healthier Life© E-Book ~ A client-tested wellness program that helps you learn & transform over a dozen healthy activities into empowering daily habits.

100 Day Mandala Meditation Journal© ~ Beautiful full-color mandalas (created from original nature photography) & breathing mantras inspire you to create your own mandalas & affirmations on facing pages during daily mindfulness meditation.

Inner Journey Adventure Journals© ~ Provocative self-exploration exercises combine with creative activities like collage to inspire fun & transformative experiences.

Stay tuned…

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