What clients say about…

Wholistic Life Coaching

“Deb has been my life coach over the past year, and it is through her that I have been able to build a toolbox of techniques and awareness to help me work through past trauma, and continue to work to find peace in the present moment. Deb’s quiet wisdom and basis of self-compassion, regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in, are two elements of our sessions that have become life savers for me. With a combination of in-session exercises, take home practices and check-ins, Deb’s guidance has been a holistic, grounded presence in my healing. I would highly recommend her whether in finding healing from grief and trauma, if looking for mindfulness techniques to help find meaning in the present moment, or if you’re in need of time to simply be.”
 ~ EKB, artist/writer

“My many sessions with Deb always left me feeling renewed, inspired, hopeful and more spiritually alive. I will always be grateful to her for guiding me, in her gentle way, to leading a more aware, creative and fulfilling life.”
~ Katy, administrative secretary

“Deb’s Healing Loss Program has been invaluable to me. I didn’t think I would be interested in some practices(e.g., meditations, reciting mala beads) but I have incorporated them into my daily routine and have found them very beneficial. Some practices, like Remembrance Time, I took to right away. The collages and other art activities were so helpful in several ways. Aside from helping me, I shared them with my family and I believe it has helped them heal, as well.”
~ Anne, Friday Harbor, WA

“I’ve been working through a healing process… I attribute my success to Deb as I have not felt this good in some time. Her skills have assisted with my thinking patterns and ability to handle conflict with confidence.”
~ Susan, supervisor/manager

“I’ve been deeply grieving the loss of both my daughter and granddaughter. Deb’s nurturing kindness, her knowledge, wide-ranging skills, ability to listen and offer support in practical, physical, intuitive and spiritual methodologies, have been a healing life-saver. I most highly recommend her to anyone searching for a partner on the road to wellness.”
~ Nancy, educator

“Deb has been an astonishing gift to our family over the course of our daughter’s adolescence. Her skills, training, compassion, sensitivity and guidance have helped our teen to develop a core sense of who she is in the world, to manage herself emotionally, and to build strength and respect as a young woman and as an artist…”
~ A grateful mom

“Deb has helped my husband and I weed through what is important, communicate it effectively, and rediscover our partnership. Working with her has brought more peace in our relationship and within ourselves (as individuals).”
~ Sally, homemaker

“I have not had one nightmare, or even dream, about my mother since I completed your program. I think before I jump in to anything… I have learned to say no… and analyze what’s REALLY going on with me before I react… Now I come from a core of peace and calm that only dealing with my devils made me able to achieve. I lay all that down to you and your grief support training.”
~ Kathie, brokerage administrator

Healing Loss Program©

“This program has been invaluable to me. Some practices I took to right away. Others, initially, I didn’t think I would be interested in, but I have incorporated them into my daily routine and have found them very beneficial. The artistic expression activities were so helpful in several ways… aside from helping me, I shared them with my family and I believe it has helped them heal, as well.”
~ Anne, housecleaner

“I wasn’t sure I could go through this difficult grieving process. The collages were one of my favorite parts of HLP–they revealed so many things that I was unaware of. The special letter I wrote was probably the most difficult part. It was impossible to put my feelings into words, but with Deb’s help I was able to see it didn’t have to be perfect. The journaling also revealed alot to me, and helped me to express things that again I didn’t even realize were in me. All of the different handouts, journaling questions and quotes were so inspiring and helpful. I got so very much out of taking this difficult journey with Deb. Her positive feedback helped me to keep going. She helped me to see myself, really see myself, in a more positive way. She made me feel so comfortable and safe, that I shared things with her that I have never told anyone. I will be forever changed and so very thankful I took HLP.”
~ Laurie, homemaker

“Numerous components of the Healing Loss Program were pivotal for me in forming my sense of confirmation that my husband and I can make it through this incredibly difficult time of anticipatory grief. I’m grateful for Deb’s splendid coaching–helping me grow into new ways of thinking about grief. These are profound truths she’s sharing.”
~ Sharon, English teacher & writer

Inner Journey Collage©

“When I turned 50, I mostly wanted a collaborative/creative time with my best friends, so we all signed up for an Inner Journey Collage (IJC) Private Party!  Deb’s IJC experience was amazing … to share deeply with my dearest women friends–WOW!  Such memories, smiles and insights — the best!”
~ Kathy, architectural designer

“I have attended numerous collage workshops in the past, and none has been so perfectly well presented as this one by Deb. Her safe environment put us all at ease; she prepared us to trust our intuition & each create 12 unique, soul-affirming collages! I would highly recommend Deb’s workshops to anyone who desires a deeper connection to self!”
~ Sallie, entrepreneur

“It was such a joy to work with Deb again! She is a gifted facilitator, providing an environment where it is safe to look inward and to express and process emotions within a group setting. I always leave IJC having learned something new about myself and feeling regenerated and so appreciative of having this rare time and space to do the work. Everything is so well organized, so clear, so thoughtfully arranged. With Deb as my inner journey guide, I feel secure, respected, loved and safe. Groups are always a challenge for my comfort level but somehow Deb is able to create an environment that counteracts my discomfort. These workshops are invaluable to me. Deb’s effort and love are so evident and it truly takes the process to a whole new level.”
~ Mariel, teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed Deb’s Inner Journey Collage workshop. It gave me the opportunity to look within to see what my true passion really is, and I am returning to again! I look at my collage everyday as a reminder of what I truly love to do.”
~ Jeanine, photographer & aromatherapist

“Every time I leave a collage workshop with Deb I feel renewed. The atmosphere of total acceptance and support from other women, often friends I hadn’t yet met (i.e. strangers), encourages sharing on a deeper level. I treasure my time spent there, and the artwork I return home with, as a reminder of the commitments I’ve made to myself.”
~ Trudy, homemaker

“Deb’s confidence and knowledge about this process proved comforting during the workshop… Her sharing her collages was also quite insightful and experiential…” 2 months later:  The workshop really made a difference and is very empowering for me… I am really clear about what makes me that sick in my stomach and heart and I hope to never let happen again.  I have become very protective of myself.  Seeing all of those girls [images] in my collage is so powerful… What a serendipitous gift… I am eternally grateful.” 
~ Vicki H, Business Owner, Community Builder

“I found the whole process worthwhile, each step had something to reveal… the preparation instructions were very helpful and liberating—there was a lovely sense of ritual…Our exploration of the theme was helpful and illuminating—a great jumping off point to keep coming back to… I loved the process of both listening to our collages and then each other—both had so much to offer me… getting to contrast our own voice with the supportive and keen eyes of the fellow collagers really put a beautiful button on the experience for me.  Deb, thank you so much for your leadership and for how you structured the afternoon. 
~ Essine K, salt farmer

IJC workshops are very enlightening and I continue to learn more about myself each and every time I attend one of Deb’s workshops!  
~ Jeanine B., RMT


“I have had therapy and bodywork over the years, and nothing quite compared to my MARI work with Deb. I came away with a deeper understanding of myself and new ways to move forward in my life. I would highly recommend this therapeutic tool to anyone interested in breaking free of the mind and discovering their true self. 

Deb has the gift of deep listening, and you know when you are with her that you have her full attention. She is kind, patient and confident, and her wisdom and natural intuition help clarify the findings to illuminate lifelong patterns and past and present issues.”

~ Julia V., writer

“MARI is a rich, complex and illuminating process made all the more impactful by the sensitive and insightful guidance of Deb Langhans… I am not an artist, but Deb put me at ease immediately by creating a safe, judgement-free space. While we were doing the process remotely on screen, I felt as if I was on a retreat! I would highly recommend MARI as a path for growth in a very positive, powerful way.  I would also recommend Deb as she’s a gifted, caring and skilled teacher.”

~ Amy B., educator

“What an eye opener! So much information and connection. As the input and information unfolded, I was at once, informed, reinforced, surprised and validated.  Thank you for helping me learn more about who’s really ‘driving my bus!’”

~ Susanna G., property manager

“I was a little nervous going into MARI because I feel like I have no artistic talent, but Deb was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable…It surprised me how accurate MARI described me! The reading caused me to reflect on my past, present and future choices. I would certainly recommend it.”

~ Ruth P., retired paralegal

“I had a very enjoyable and enlightening MARI experience with Deb Langhans.  She is at once skillful, compassionate, and intuitive; her interpretation was surprisingly relatable and meaningful.”

~ Cheryl B., retired teacher

“I got a strong sense of peace in the affirmation of my personal self-esteem during my MARI sessions.  I highly recommend them and am impressed with Ms. Langhans’ ability to interpret and guide.”

~ Nancy B, retired business owner

“I found the whole MARI experience fascinating, insightful, fertile, fun, enriching, expansive, and thought provoking… Deb was a calm and grounded presence throughout.  I am grateful for her patient, succinct explanations and clarity. She really created a space where I felt it was okay to receive the knowledge meant for me in this place and at this time in my life…Next time I might journal after the experience–Thank you so much Deb!”

~ Laura B, LMP, artist

“I found MARI to be a very enlightening experience.  It opened up a door to deeper understanding and transformation. I was grateful to work with such a gifted provider like Deb and integrate so many dynamic ideas.  It would be helpful for anyone to do this work.”

~ Mandy G., N.D.

“I recently completed two MARI sessions with Deb Langhans. It was an engaging and fascinating process; a way of using powerful, nonverbal methods to connect with my subconscious mind. I truly enjoyed the working with colors, symbols and drawing.

Deb guided me through the sessions with calm encouragement and great insight. I’m grateful for her clarity and careful assessment. She helped reveal the possibilities for greater awareness and decision making in my life.”

~ Elizabeth S., LMT

Therapeutic Reflexology

“After just a few foot reflexology treatments, I experienced significant relief from my plantar fasciitis and continue to make progress…”
~ Jane, retired botanist

“I lived with abdominal pain from IBS for 25 years until I started treatments with Deb. I cannot adequately express the appreciation I have for her and her wonderful skills!”
~ Gale, fitness specialist

“No other bodywork leaves me feeling so calm, so good, for so long…”
~ Amy, businesswoman

“I never expected I’d walk again after an unsuccessful knee surgery and three disastrous falls. But thanks to Deb’s reflexology, my balance and agility are so improved I can sometimes manage with just my cane!
~ GNS, retired scientist

“After shoulder replacement surgery, my husband’s pain and insomnia dramatically improved with Deb’s treatments!”
~ Loretta, senior case manager

“Deb is a gifted professional. Her sessions are stress relieving and bring a calming sense of relaxation–just what’s needed!”
~ Doc, pastor

“With Deb’s compassionate communication skills, reflexology expertise and “magic tool box,” we’ve worked together bringing balance and harmony to my mind, body and spirit.”
~ Thalia, retired

“I feel recharged. I’m laughing more. Loving more. Living more. Thank you, Deb Langhans!”
~ Lisa, dog trainer