My Story

None of us has a perfect childhood.  No matter how deep or well-intentioned our parents’ love, scars & patterns from their own early experiences inform & sometimes compromise their adult choices. 

As an only child growing up in Southern California in the 60s, I received lots of mixed messages.  I grew up believing my performance was more highly valued than my personhood.  I learned to feel responsible for others, always place them first & stuff my own emotional needs– all in order to maintain peace, create a sense of safety & stability & feel worthy of love.

Then in my early twenties, I experienced what felt like a vision: a spiritual being I perceived as “God”  conveyed profound love but also great sorrow because I was “so hard” on myself.  In that moment, I reasoned that, if my Creator could offer me such tenderness & acceptance, I needed to start giving myself more regard as well… & so my journey toward self love, compassion & healing began.   

Variety has been a hallmark of my professional & personal life over the past five decades.  Before completing my psychology degree, I spent years teaching students of diverse ages, cultures & capabilities; favorite projects have included creative arts & enrichment programs for senior women & adults with special needs.  I’ve enjoyed work in both visual & performing arts & I’ve earned licenses/certifications in counseling & life-coaching, grief recovery, mindfulness, communications, neuro-linguistic programming & various touch therapies.

“Wholistic” (whole person) education, speaking & writing have been my passion for over 25 years.  A special recent focus: Collaborating with end of life teams & supporting those dealing with losses of any kind, including cancer.  My multi-faceted training & experience inspires my helping clients explore all personal dimensions–mind (thoughts), body, heart (emotions), spirit (eternal, transcendent self), work & relationships; as creating greater balance (“wellness”) within each of these interdependent areas is what true health is all about.


I believe each of us is responsible for our own well-being… that we possess inside ourselves the answers to our own questions & challenges. Whether in workshops, retreats, or private coaching sessions, I consider myself a partner to clients/students whose primary responsibility is guiding them towards recognizing & honoring the wisdom, resources & potentiality already within.  This philosophy informs my unique wellness products & touch therapy as well.

I blend a wide variety of therapeutic approaches in my work.  I place special emphasis on building self-esteem & self-advocacy; strengthening empathy & compassion toward self & others; examining & reframing perspectives; exploring choices, options & existing resources, & stressing personal awareness, responsibility & unique purpose.