Inner Journey Collage©

Access inner wisdom & self acceptance through this fun, creative exploration.

Inner Journey Collage© (IJC) is a fun, satisfying & therapeutic process using collage as the centerpiece for accessing inner wisdom & deepening self-discovery, acceptance & celebration.

 IJC helps reveal empowering insights about:

  • life passages/transitions
  • relationship with self & others
  • any meaningful goal, occasion or event    

Customized themes have included: Life Lessons, Friendship, Self-Compassion, Family, Gratitude, Inner Critic, Grieving Losses, Resilience… etc.


One truth I’ve witnessed repeatedly working with diverse populations over the decades: Art heals!  No matter what the age, gender, background or ability, the exploration of inner self is always deepened & more enjoyable when I combine coaching with creative/expressive art.

Even without experience or special talent, anytime we tap into our right brain imagination & engage in expressive art projects like collage, there are multiple rewards:

  • accessing inner wisdom
  • processing emotions in safe & healthy ways
  • significantly increasing our insights about ourselves & our world

I’ve always loved creating collages. Around 2010, I returned to that enjoyable process, only this time, it wasn’t just for fun, it was with the goal of strengthening my intuition & personal insight. As I began discovering the magical, mystical gifts of this form of “therapeutic” collage, I was inspired to create Inner Journey Collage© (IJC) in 2012.

IJC is currently offered in:

  • for 8-12 women
  • for organizations/businesses
Private Settings

IJC Private Parties© (where a hostess invites 2-6 girlfriends to share IJC at home)

In both workshop & private party formats, “IJCollagers”

  • Explore the theme through provocative readings, discussion & original meditative visualizations
  • Create a unique, theme-related collage
  • Listen to lessons & challenges from collage images
  • Share perspectives & insights gained with other IJCollagers

Deb creates customized themes & collage projects that encourage deep, meaningful exploration in a fun, safe (confidential) & supportive environment.

All materials are provided.  No artistic talent or experience is required.

Currently, IJC workshops & parties are offered at venues on San Juan Island, Washington State & also online via Zoom Video Communications.

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