Wholistic Life Coaching

Balance your whole self: mind, body, heart & spirit.

Wholistic (whole person) life coaching focuses on concrete ways of enhancing & balancing all life dimensions–intellectual, emotional, physical, social, occupational & spiritual. Tap here to learn more.

Inner Journey Collage©

Access inner wisdom & self acceptance through this fun, creative exploration.

Inner Journey Collage© (IJC) is a fun, satisfying & therapeutic process using collage as the centerpiece for accessing inner wisdom & deepening self-discovery, acceptance & celebration. Tap here to learn more.

MARI® Assessments

MARI® is a unique, whole-brain psychological assessment tool that enables your psyche to reveal what’s currently most significant about your past, present & future. Think of it as a visual picture of both your conscious & unconscious self, not only measuring all four aspects of consciousness: thinking, feeling, intuiting and sensing, but also acknowledging spirituality as part of your complete psychology. Tap here to learn more.

Therapeutic Reflexology

Treat your whole body by treating your feet.

Your feet make up less than 2% of your body’s weight, yet they support, balance & mobilize your structure’s remaining 98%!  Did you know your feet are a major gateway to health… that when you treat your feet, you treat your entire body? Tap here to learn more.