An Incredible Gift

March 3, 2023

When was the last time you had an authentic heart-to-heart with yourself?  A conversation that tapped into your truth & reality below the surface of your everyday, keep-up-appearances life?  If you’re like most people in our culture, that kind of deep & honest communication doesn’t take place very often.  Why is that? 

Unless we’ve experienced perfect childhoods (which is never!) we’ve all been conditioned from the start to develop very active Inner Critics.  Admit it: You spend lots of time regularly judging yourself & your performance & typically finding yourself “lacking!”   

We try really hard to present a “perfect” or at least acceptable “face” to the public. Considering the relentless negative feedback we give ourselves, it’s not surprising we’re squeamish about confronting some of the private stuff that’s below the surface of the personality we project in public, & sometimes even below our own level of awareness.  We’ve been conditioned to believe those less-than-desirable parts of ourselves are unacceptable & ultimately, unlovable. 

What if your most inner truth, your most complete self, could be revealed in a way that highlighted what’s most positive & possible in your life… What if there were a process that could help you envision building on your strengths & leave you feeling encouraged, even inspired about who you truly are & can be?  Wouldn’t that represent a tremendous gift you could give yourself & your loved ones?  Well, that’s what MARI is all about!

MARI—Mandala Assessment Research Instrument— is the unique, whole-brain psychological assessment tool that actually facilitates that rare, intimate heart-to-heart with yourself.  Using symbols & colors, it enables your psyche to reveal your authentic self—the self that contains a universe of inspiring beauty, complexity & potential. 

I have had therapy and bodywork over the years, and nothing quite compared to my MARI work with Deb.  I came away with a deeper understanding of myself and new ways to move forward in my life. I would highly recommend this therapeutic tool to anyone interested in discovering their true self.  

~ Julia V., community organizer

To learn more, please go to:  or contact Deb at:  [email protected].

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