Inner Journey Retreats©

Coming in 2021: Inner Journey Retreats© (IJRs)

Are you long overdue for…
  • taking time for silent reflection & life processing
  • cultivating deep rest & “inner sanctuary”
  • deepening connection & emotional intimacy with yourself & loved ones in a confidential, supportive space
  • rediscovering your creativity & playfulness
  • reconnecting with the natural world
  • returning to your life restored & rejuvenated?
If you answered “yes” to any of these therapeutic outcomes, “Inner Journey Retreats©” (IJRs) were designed for you!
The Essentials:
  • WHAT: IJRs are 3-night personal transformation go-within-get-aways designed to offer genuine “R & R”–Reconnection & Restoration–for mind, body, heart & spirit. All IJRs are designed & facilitated by Wholistic Health Educator, Deb Langhans.
  • WHO: Women & their loved ones–individuals, couples/partners, friends/close family.
  • WHERE: Situated on over 4 acres of private meadow/forest sanctuary on lovely San Juan Island, Washington State; “Mandala Cottage” is currently under construction for complimentary retreat lodging.
  • WHEN: Long weekends (Friday afternoons-through Monday mornings) in autumn & winter (September-March)–the best time for traveling within.

In the non-stop stressmill we call our lives, technological advances allow us to instantly communicate with keystrokes, thumbs & emoji; they encourage 24/7 access to information & resources whenever the impulse demands. But this relentless warp speed stimulation & pressure discourage genuine connection with ourselves & others; they truly compromise both the quality & quantity of our lives. It’s essential that we break this unhealthy pattern by regularly taking time to slow down, simplify & savor our present moments. IJRs teach & enable such therapeutic choices.

For individuals: No matter how much we love our family, friends, work & home life, we all occasionally need time out for a reboot… a period to calm & recede, like the eternal tide. When we honor this natural rhythm, we return to our lives & loved ones restored & able to give & receive that much more. IJRs offer respite & guidance in a deeply therapeutic environment & encourage rediscovery of “inner sanctuary.”

For couples: Staying in love requires a depth of emotional intimacy that many relationships either fail to initially cultivate or continue to nurture as the years together multiple. Rediscovering friendship & learning how to respond with gratitude & compassion are essential investments couples can learn to make in their relationship. IJRs provide skill-building & support along that journey.

For friends/loved ones: Sometimes there’s nothing more nourishing than the support of dear friends &/or family members. IJRs offer fun & provocative activities for those interested in deepening their special bonds in a beautiful, restorative environment.

Each IJR Promises:

Rest & solitude: Deb’s tranquil studio & cottage environments guarantee restorative outcomes; a specially-designed nature & beach walk encourages self-discovery & serenity.

Self-exploration: Journaling, provocative reading materials & discussion provide fertile ground for “deep dives” within.

Skill-building, resources & ongoing support: As a veteran wellness educator & former counselor, Deb draws on decades of experience in wellness education, counseling, grief recovery work, mindfulness meditation & touch therapy to mentor retreat guests; & you’ll enjoy her partnership well beyond your IJR experience!

Expressive art “adventures”: A former graphic artist & photographer & creator of Inner Journey Collage©, a therapeutic self-discovery collage process for women, Deb designs experiences that delight & empower–even if you have no artistic experience or special talent.

Therapeutic bodywork: Your IJR experience enhances your health & wellbeing on all levels—mind, heart, spirit body. How? Deb’s also a former licensed massage practitioner & current certified reflexologist who’ll treat, not only your deserving feet, but also your hands, ears & face!


Rediscovering Self
(embracing worthiness, self-compassion, self-advocacy & all emotions in healthy ways)

Rebooting Intimate Relationships
(rediscovering the best in your partner (& yourself!) & learning skills to enhance already-healthy relationships)

Heart Healing After Loss
(encouraging a healthy grieving process: completing unfinished emotional business so hope, gratitude & joy can be reignited)

The Gifts of Impermanence
(exploring what death can teach us about living more fully & joyfully)

Any unique IJR experience will help you:
  • rediscover your beauty-full, multi-faceted self (& others’ if they join you)
  • cultivate powerful mindfulness skills & practices
  • increase resources for maximizing your health on all levels–mind, body, heart, spirit
  • unlock creativity perhaps untapped or underestimated
  • reconnect with the mystery & magic of Mother Nature
  • return to your life grounded & revitalized 

Please stay tuned for updates & feel free to contact Deb with questions & interest in the meantime!  

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